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re: Kinmeeting april 6th, 2014


Hello Outlaws!


This months kinmeeting was all about events and creeps. We've got some exciting new events coming up in april. And this time we've scheduled one of them at a favorable time for our American brothers. So if you're interested in having some fun with your fellow kinmates either check the calendar or read further down below. If you're rather more interested in collecting dwarven beards, hobbit feet and elven ears we've got something to look forward to as well.


An outlaw creeptribe.

In continuation of our last meeting we now have a big enough list of possible names for our future creeptribe. the list has been added as a poll (see the active poll at the left side of the mainpage) and will be running till next meeting (may 4th, 2014). Make sure to cast a vote if you're interested in doing some serious creeping with your kinmates.


This month we've added an extra event to the regular amount to be more forthcoming to American members april 18th we'll run not one, but two raids. respectively at 19:00 and 00:00 UK-time. The midnight raid being at a more favorable time for Americans while hopefully also still attendable for late European players.

Also, as soon as the LotRO anniversary festival is announced we'll be adding it to the calendar as we'll try to participate in the festivities as a kin.

this months events:

April 11th, 19:00 UK-time: Outlaw race, 2nd edition.*

April 18th, 19:00 UK-time: Erebor raids/instance EU

April 18th, 00:00 UK-time (midnight): Erebor raids/instance EST

April 25th, 19:00 UK-time: Music event!**

* Duvodex will set up another race following up his successful race from thorins hall to buckland.

** Hancock will provide the information and guidance needed for those less familiar with the lotro music system


That's it for now! Thanks to those who attended the meeting and see you in game.

Hancock, Duvodex, Liwanu, Hellaglas, Ethelrod and Lotusblossom.

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