Kinship Rules.




If you break any of the rules below you will get a warning.

If you have three warnings you will get demoted to recruit status for 2 weeks.

If you get a fourth warning your behavior will be discussed during next officer meeting. officers will then decide on further actions taken against you.

Deliberately trying to harm the kin or a kinmember can lead to immediate removal from the kin without going through the steps above. 





C)Forum specific

D)Officer specific

In general:
A-1) Show respect;

  • Respect your kinmates (i.e. their time, resources and the willingness to help you).
  • Respect someone else his/her opinions and believes.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No provoking of other players.
  • No harassing or causing unwanted attention on other players.

A-2) Use appropriate language; No swearing. Misspelling or shortening of words to circumvent the profanity filter is prohibited as well.
A-3) You may not use, distribute, spotlight, or post links to sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, nationally, ethnically offensive content or language.
A-4) You may not advertise or promote something in order to make a profit.

A-5) You must play the game as intended; the use of exploits to your advantage is strictly forbidden

A-6) Spamming the same message repeatedly in one of the in-game chatchannels is forbidden.

A-7) To get promoted to full member you will need to:

  • Be in the kinship for 14 days*
  • sign up at the kinsite (this site)
  • answer a short list of questions from the officers with satisfactory results.

*If you are a returning member this period is reduced to 7 days.

A-8) You have to be at least 16 years old to become a member. We reserve the right to expell you at all times if we find out you have not been honest about your age. (this rule does not apply for younger members who have been with us since before 05-05-2013)


B-1) Non-kinmembers are allowed to join only when we have no kinmember for the raidingspot or when his/her expertise is vital for the success of the raid.

 Forum specific:
C-1) Post threads in the relevant board and stay on-topic.
C-2) Do not start or participate in any flaming topic.
C-3) Do not spam the forums with irrelevant posts to boost your postcount.
C-4) No double posting.
C-5) Officers reserve the right to change, move, edit or delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate.

C-6) Plagiarism is not allowed. Not in the posting of guides or anywhere else.




Officer specific:

D-1) Use of the Kinmail feature needs approval of either the kinleader or the successor.

D-2) The Message of the Day may be changed by every officer as long as the new message has a useful purpose for the kin.

D-3) Only the kinleader can officially call a meeting.

D-4) Things discussed at an officer meeting cannot be talked about to anyone else then other officers from the outlaw brotherhood unless said otherwise.



 These rules are subject to change. Check them on a regular base.

last updated: 09-12-2013